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Digital Visualisation and Gaming

    Himalayan Hawks - A1 rendered poster

A solitary hermit stands guard at the border of the mountain kingdom, fending off the attacks of colossal hawks

This is the first project I created using Maya and Mudbox. My initial concept was to make a mysterious landscape with a hero in the foreground and a dragon in the far distance. During development I decided to have to scene take place high up in the mountains, and have two giant birds attack a tower in the distance.

The poster can be printed in full resolution on A1 paper.
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    VR Stealth Project   (early development)

During the development of the spaceship I became fascinated by the claustrofobic effect that different dimensions of a room had on the player in VR. Because of this I have started making stealth game inspired by games like Splinter Cell, Deus Ex and Thief.

In this game the player sneaks through narrow shafts, crawls over the floor and slip around corners, to avoid detection. Playing this in VR will make you extra aware of your distance to your environment, hiding in the shadows, and sneaking past guards.

This project is still in very early development.
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Architectural Design

    HBO Graduation Project - Cuidad del Flamenco

The 'Ciudad del Flamenco' is the graduation project of me and my collegue Rik Lambers. It is a design for the new flamenco museum in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain.

The building's design is a result from analysing the flamenco dance style and its musical rythm. The dance's characteristics have been implemented from the floor plans all the way to the interior detailing.

The project has been awarded with the 'Best Graduation Project 2012' award of HBO Windesheim. The full publication can be downloaded here.
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    Pre-master - The Kunsthal as Vertical Courtyard

The assignment during the pre-master at the TU Delft was to make a new design for the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

My design is inspired by the museumpark located behind the building and extends its green structure all the way though the courtyard of the museum. The building itself is molded and carved by the characteristic views from different points of interest around the Kunsthal.

The full design booklet can be downloaded here.
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    Studio Dwelling - Floating Villa's

For the master studio Dwelling: Living with Water the assignment was to design a housing unit in the harbour of Amsterdam that could withstand a flooding of the area.

I designed a concrete villa that floats entirely on water, due to the buoyancy of the hull. In case of a flooding, the unit simply floats upward, while offering shelter for the residents and their car. By ejecting the emergency ramp the residents can escape the area over the docks.

Additional info can be downloaded here.
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